Edmonton Light & Heavy Towing Services


At Raptors Towing, our light and heavy towing services have fundamentally supported us in our endeavors to turn into the most dexterous and effective towing and recuperation organization. Notwithstanding our customary light-obligation tow trucks, our armada includes low-leeway, light-obligation tow trucks, and heavy towing services which improve the outrageous mobility qualities of the tow truck that are important to get to vehicles in parking structures. Our light and heavy tow trucks are ideal for traveler vehicles and bikes, yet they are likewise prepared to deal with an enormous scope of vehicles. With the two towing methods that our light-obligation tow trucks have combined with our organization’s norm to constantly surpass desires, Raptors Towing has become a unique towing and overhauling organization. Raptors Towing is an expert at:

  • Dump trucks
  • Box trucks and pickups
  • Straight trucks
  • Heavy-duty winch outs
  • Construction equipment and so on.

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